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Salt Suite at YHL

A brand new elevated Wellness Experience!

Featuring Halotherapy (dry salt therapy), Infrared Sauna, Chromotherapy (light therapy) and Red Light Therapy ALL IN ONE!

Transform your wellness journey today! Embrace the harmony of our Salt Suite & unlock a new level of vitality and tranquility! 

TOP BENEFITS: - Helps with chronic pain - Improves immune resilience - Improves respiratory health - Promotes detoxification - Relieves tension & stress - Enhances brain function - Helps w/skin rejuvenation - Promotes improved sleep

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Also known as Dry Salt Therapy

As you sit in our sauna, you breathe in the micro-sized salt particles, which are immediately transported to every part of the respiratory tract. Then the dry salt molecules dissolve and attract small impurities, the reason why it is called the toothbrush of the lungs.

Salt therapy may eliminate the root of inflammatory respiratory illnesses in the lower and the upper tract like asthma, bronchitis as well as allergies, by destroying bacteria and restoring health and immunity.

Infrared Sauna

Far-Infrared Heat

Our sauna uses infrared panels instead of conventional heat to easily penetrate human tissue, heating up your body before heating up the air!

You feel more relaxed and rested after you’re done, and the heat helps relieve sore muscles and improves your overall health and well-being.

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Also known as Light Therapy

Chromotherapy is the process of restoring balance to the body by applying color. We use commercial grade chromotherapy that is very powerful, using 96 LED lights with an array of 12 colors – red, green, strong blue, orange, green, blue, strong yellow, strong indigo, strong pink, yellow, indigo, and violet.

It relies on the premise that each color is associated with a different bodily response. For example, red is typically associated with stimulation, while blue is considered a mentally relaxing color.

Red Light Therapy

FDA Registered Class II Medical Device

Near-infrared Red Light (NIR) 700nm – 1100nm, penetrates deeper into the tissues to assist with wound healing, muscle recovery, nerve injury, and joint pain.

Red light therapy is thought to work by acting on the “power plant” in your body’s cells called mitochondria. With more energy, other cells can do their work more efficiently, such as repairing skin, boosting new cell growth, and enhancing skin rejuvenation. More specifically, certain cells absorb light wavelengths and are stimulated to work.

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Salt Suite: Classes
Salt Suite: Testimonials

I have been going for regular massages YHL The Mind & Body Boutique for over a year now. Saturday I tried the new sauna, red light and salt suite after my massage!! I spent my time reading about the benefits of the red light and salt suite. Salt therapy is a natural anti-bacterial that helps with lung function and immunity. Red light therapy can be beneficial for skin conditions and inflammation! After my time was up I was convinced that I should give this a real try!! So i bought the 4 session salt suite package that also gives me 5 mins of red light therapy! I am so excited to give this a try!

Nikki H.

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