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Individualized Vibrational Sound Healing Session

Friday, September 16th

We are so excited to have Yang + Yin Health join us for individual & unique tuning fork/vibrational healing sessions!

Jen Lucas owner/practitioner of Yang + Yin Health will be using the Alexander Method to create individual sessions for each guest. These sessions will be based off of your own healing needs, and intuitive guidance. This method is gentle and offers a unique healing experience.

The Nationally Accredited Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy addresses every area of mind, body, spirit, and soul, including, but not limited to; the complete chakra
system, the human bio-fields, the nadis, meridians, kundalini, bone, tissue, lymph, nerves, DNA, past life
blocks, and more.

The Alexander Method affects issues on all levels of being, opening intuitive abilities in client and
practitioner alike. In addition, this technique uses only the best medical grade tuning forks to guarantee
accurate tones and to assure consistent results.

Every person, every creature, every piece of nature, and every physical item is a combination of energy
and vibration. Everything has a certain vibrational resonance (the rate at which you vibrate) and that rate
determines the experiences in each area of your life. Quite simply, the higher your vibration – the better
your health and your life.

The Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy is based on Quantum Physics and
other scientific doctrines that prove all matter vibrates to a precise frequency.

By using the correct sound
and vibrational attunements, you can experience deep levels of healing at the molecular level. The
experience brings your body, mind, and spirit back into perfect balance and alignment with its higher

$144 / 90 minute session
Prepayment is required & cancellation fee will be applied.

To secure your time slot, please contact Emily at 724-366-5186 or

Individualized Vibrational Sound Healing Session: Service
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